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Ιvritan | °עִבְרִיתָן

Ivritan - Hebrew students' site!

Ivritan is a website dedicated to learning modern Hebrew.

Among the different functions you will find in it, there is "Iton Kal" - a newspaper in a simple Hebrew with very short articles, audio support and vocabulary.

Soon you will have also a members area with exercises specially composed for every week's newspaper, games, conjugation exercises and a lot more!

We also organise conversation groups through skype. Contact us for further information!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to participate in our project, become a member or just let us know your opinion.

Have a nice learning!

Why “Ivritan”?

According to Avraham Even-Shoshan’s dictionary, “Ivritan” is an expert of the Hebrew language.

Even if we don’t pretend to be “ivritanim”, as Hebrew teachers we aspire to improve and perfect our knowledge of the language and on the other hand, to always look for new means for transmitting this knowledge to the students.

We hope that you will find this website interesting and enriching.

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